A link to improving your sleep: Is your mattress to blame?

August 13, 2016 Jeannette S. Lafon 0

A good night’s sleep is a big part of a healthy and energetic lifestyle. When you don’t get sufficient rest, it shows. So choosing the right mattress can mean the difference between a restful and rejuvenating night and a fitful, unpleasant one.

Sleep experts have long preached the importance of a high- quality innerspring mattress and warned people to avoid fads like air and water mattresses. Industry authorities also stress an equally important aspect of healthy sleeping – the size of your mattress.

“Research into sleep habits shows that a healthy sleeper turns between 40 and 60 times a night, including around a dozen full-body turns,” said Arthur Grehan, executive director of the American Innerspring Manufacturers, a nonprofit trade group based in Memphis, Tenn.

That’s a lot of motion for one person sleeping on a standard 38-inch-wide twin bed and it’s often even more noticeable for two people on a 53-inch-wide double bed, Grehan said.

So what is the proper mattress for you? AIM recommends following these guidelines when choosing mattresses for your family members.

* Teenagers: Once your child becomes a teenager, consider upgrading to a double-size innerspring mattress for maximum rest.

* Single adults: Single adults should aim for a sleep space that is at least 40 inches wide. A double bed is recommended.

* Couples: Adults will likely find maximum comfort if they have at least 30 inches each. That means a queen bed for average-sized adults or a king bed if the couple is above average in size.

“We learn more and more each day about the importance of sleep in daily health and performance,” said Grehan. “I hope people take this information seriously.”

If you’r mattress is to blame for the lack of sleep your getting, it looks like its time to find a brand new mattress. My personal recommendation is a euro top mattress or pillow top mattress. This type of mattress is designed specifically for people with trouble sleeping. Another good thing about pillow top mattressess is that they are insanely cheap for what you are getting. That said, the mattress itself has a habit of dipping in after an extended period of time. If you are on the heavier side (im talking 250 pounds or more) DO NOT get a pillow top mattress. Look into a tradional mattress instead. I’ve had good luck with a pillow top mattress but my brother unfortunetly did not (fred is on the heavier side to say the least).


GYM LORE: The History of Bodybuilding

August 2, 2016 Jeannette S. Lafon 0

lding, as a sport goes way back to the 12th century in India where the first training techniques and bodybuilding nutrition were invented. By the 16th century, bodybuilding has become a national pastime and by this time, people from various parts of the world have also taken up its concept and used stone and wood to create the first dumbbell, thus spawning the vital component of bodybuilding which is weightlifting.

The late 1800s to the early 1900s led to bodybuilding becoming a widely popular commercial sport, especially among the general public. This was also the period where the first national and international bodybuilding competitions took place mostly around Europe.

Eugen Sandow was a key figure in pushing bodybuilding into the kind of sport it is today. Known as ‘The Father of Modern Bodybuilding,’ he incessantly promoted his fitness and bodybuilding ideology and even published one of the first bodybuilding magazines, Physical Culture. His persistence in endorsing bodybuilding finally bore fruit when the first official weightlifting contests were held. The sport was first incorporated into the Olympic Games as a main event in the 1896 Olympic Games in Athens, Greece. And five years after that, Sandow was honored as one of the judges in a bodybuilding event that drew 2,000 spectators in the Royal Albert Hall in London.

The 1920s saw bodybuilding as an increasingly popular sport and a very profitable industry. New muscular celebrities like Charles Atlas came to the spotlight, adding more to the whole furor over bodybuilding. Commercially manufactured dumbbells and barbells were selling like hotcakes all over the world while new developments in exercise devices, diet plans, and bodybuilding strategies were increasing in volume every year.

The Golden Age of Bodybuilding happened around the 1940s to the 1970s. This was the era of muscle beaches, movie franchises like Hercules and Tarzan that featured bodybuilders-turned-actors, and bodybuilding legends like Joe Gold, Harold Zinkin, and the two-time Mr. America John Grimek. During this time, bodybuilding separated itself formally from weightlifting. Its basic ideology was finally solidified and its goals set on health, strength, fitness, and aesthetic muscular building.

From 1966 to the present, the latest breed of professional builders led by the charismatic Arnold Schwarzenegger promoted the sport to new heights. Using his talent, charisma, and amazing physique, Mr. Universe Arnold Schwarzenegger transformed his body into the materialized version of every bodybuilding fans’ ideal form to achieve.
It was also around this time that anabolic steroids were gradually introduced in professional bodybuilding and other competitive sports. Its existence and the role it plays tainted bodybuilding as a sport but even so, bodybuilding retained its universal appeal for its core values never changed.


Is an Online Degree worth? My experience

July 7, 2016 Jeannette S. Lafon 0

Nowadays, attending college is quite costly. For adults who want to continue their education, it is more of a challenge than it used to be. Most people can’t afford to just stop working and go back to college on a full-time basis. Going back to school on a part-time basis can be quite a strain as well. With having children and a household of responsibilities. Yesterday I spent the entire afternoon looking for a firm pillow for my toddler. Having children and household responsibilities will simply limit your time and make getting a degree difficult. There is an easier way to obtain that longed for degree, however, without ever having to find a babysitter and worry about being late for your classes.

Getting an online degree is becoming increasingly popular. There are lots of colleges, both traditional and online, that are now offering degrees to people over the internet. Don’t think that it will be a pleasant walk in the park though. Getting an online degree is just as challenging as getting your degree in the traditional sense. You still have projects and tests, seminars that you have to be present and attend live on the internet, and it requires hours of studying each week. Just because you get to sit at home in your pajamas and take your tests doesn’t mean that the course load is any easier. In fact, some people will say that it is more of a challenge. Afterall, you can’t exactly raise your hand in class and ask a question. Sure, you have professors and can ask questions, but it just isn’t quite the same.

An online degree, if obtained through an accredited university, can still get you the same jobs that any traditional degree can get you. You will have that slip of paper stating that you graduated with whatever degree you were seeking. Some employers frown upon the fact that you received an online degree but others only want to know that you have that certificate. Of course, if you don’t do your homework first, you may end up chasing after an online degree from a college that isn’t accredited. If that’s the case, you might as well just toss your money out the window. Do your research first and make sure that you’re making the right choice and getting as much as possible for your money.

Tuition for getting an online degree isn’t the cheapest. In fact, it probably equals out to approximately the same amount that you would spend if you were attending classes on a traditional campus. Though you may not be saving money, think about all of the conveniences that you’re gaining. You may just find that an online degree is much more suitable for your lifestyle than you think. And, you may find that your dreams are a bit more reachable than you ever imagined.